The only payroll service you need if you have one to ten employees. Everything inclusive, always affordable, 100% service guarantee.

  • W-2s and 1099s included.
  • Payroll taxes and quarterly reports auto prepared and submitted - you never have to give them a second thought. 
  • Next payroll auto setup to run. Give it a look, and if it's good, you're done. If not, click edit, make your adjustments and submit. It's that easy.
  • Never worry about the IRS or State agencies. We'll take care of them. Guaranteed. 
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Simon Payroll App is available on the apple store and google play.

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Risk-free, stress-free, easy, all-inclusive online payroll, payroll tax compliance, and HR and benefits integration services at a flat rate. No setup fee or contracts. All-inclusive pricing starting at $30 per payroll. No fees unless you run a payroll! No monthly fees. No hidden fees. Free training, free updates and dedicated payroll support specialists.


Designed exclusively for micro-businesses with up to 10 employeesThe first true GREEN payroll, 100% paperless. 100% online100% available on your smartphone and every other e-device. SmartPay technology. Run payroll in 3-clicksIt's all LITERALLY at your fingertipsExceeds the needs of 74.76% of all businesses in the United States. (3,838,000 out of 5,134,000). Affordable and all inclusive pricing starting at only $20 per payrollNo fees unless you run a payroll! No monthly fees. No hidden fees.


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We switched from [a well known software based service] when we hired our third employee. I wish we’d have switched when we’d hired our first. Five stars, and three thumbs if I had an extra.”

— Jason M.

Payroll has never been so easy. My wife sends her thanks. (Therefore, I send my thanks...)

— Paul S.

Best service ever! Still can’t get over the difference. I’ve used quite a few different payroll services over the years but it looks like I’ve finally settled down. ”

— Jeremy B.

Use GetPayroll. Save yourself a future headache (or hundred). I’m pretty sure I spend like ten minutes a month now, and never a problem. No brainer!”

— Caramie L.


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