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The Solutions:
GetPayroll and Simon

  • We will take the burden and risk of doing payroll out of your hands.
  • We guarantee to keep your clients straight with the IRS and solve problems that the IRS creates.
  • Our services are all-inclusive.  One flat rate and everything is included.
  • All payroll, quarterly and year-end reports can be sent to you.
  • You can offer your clients an affordable payroll solution.
  • We are run by a non-practicing CPA, so we understand your time is valuable.

The Problems:

  • Your clients ask you payroll questions.
  • Your clients ask you to do their payroll.
  • Your clients ask you what to do when they receive a letter from the IRS.
  • You can't charge your client enough to make doing payroll tasks worth it.
  • Plus, correcting payroll mistakes are tedious and



Who We Are

  • We do payroll and payroll compliance. That's it.
  • We are a 26-year nationwide payroll company.
  • We are five times as comparatively compliant than our
    payroll competitors.
  • We 100% guarantee our services even up to representing clients in tax court. 
  • We created the very first complete payroll app for your smartphone available in the U.S.

What Makes Us Different?

On-Site U.S. Tax Court Practitioner

  • Tax court? We can represent them.
  • Less than 200 practitioners in the entire U.S.
  • Ensure 100% of IRS and State Tax compliance.

Limited Power of Attorney

  • Clients sign a 2848-limited power of attorney.
  • Handle all client IRS and Federal Tax issues.
  • Successfully abated 98% of client penalties and paid of the rest.

On-Site Client Support

  • CPPs and FPCs on staff.
  • Available by phone, email, or live chat on our website.

Experienced Payroll Operations Manager

  • Over 15 years of payroll industry experience.
  • Formerly of Paychex.
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