Veteran's Day Part 2

 Charles Read and his bride.

Charles Read and his bride.

I had to unlearn the absolute hierarchy that the military was.
— Charles Read

When I was stationed in Kansas City I met and married my wife. We were married until her death in 2015, almost 45 years of marriage. She really helped me adjust back to being a civilian as did my two adopted daughters then 6 and 8 years old. It was a hard transition. I had to unlearn the absolute hierarchy that the military was. I also had to learn to stop diving for cover when I heard a car backfire. My daughters had also had to learn to wake daddy by shaking his foot and jumping back so not as to get grabbed.


I would not trade my time in service for anything. I am not sure I would volunteer to go through it again. I learned so much while in service:

  • Discipline

  • Teamwork

  • Confidence

  • Survival  

I was trained in combat skills and concepts that have served me well in business to this day. I was also trained in the early days of Information Technology (IT) and use much of that knowledge even now.

Being a veteran is a privilege and a responsibility I acknowledge and carry proudly.  Even in the midst of anti-war protests of the sixties I was proud that I had answered my country’s call and put my life on the line for my country. I was also very happy, and lucky, to get out in basically one piece. Many of us didn’t. We can never forget those that were injured or killed. I think about my friends and comrades almost every day.

I used military skills every day in running my business:

  • Taking risks: I take calculated risks knowing that I can overcome problems that
    are unforeseen. 

  • Perseverance: I was taught to overcome obstacles, big or small.

  • Commitment: A Marine never gives up! When I have failed, I have stood back up, brushed myself off and started again.

  • Independence and Teamwork: Entrepreneurship suits me better than being in a large corporation. It’s easier to trust my own judgment than to trust other people’s judgement who are not intimately tied to me, like you are tied together in a combat outfit. I also find that it’s easier for my employees to trust me. I constantly feel a silent level of commitment from them and for that I’m especially grateful, they are a pleasure to
    work with.

I’d like to help other veteran business owners run their business more smoothly.

I like working with other veterans because there is a strong feeling of community. We have unspoken communication, loyalty and support, having shared some of the same experiences, even though other services and other wars. To each other, no explanation is necessary!

I currently serve on the board of directors for “The Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas”. I am also a member of the Rotary Club of Dallas who is putting on their 12th annual salute to American Veterans November ninth at the “Frontiers of Flight Museum” at Love Field in Dallas, Texas; the proceeds help the USO and other local veteran causes. I also play poker once a month with a group of Marine veterans in the Dallas area.

2018 will mark 51 years since I joined the military. 

I’m excited to offer a great savings to my fellow veterans. Contact me at 972-353-0000 or email me at

Semper Fi,




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