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Let’s talk about the Department of Labor labor posters that a small business owner is required to post in a conspicuous area of his/her business. Did you know that they are free? You probably get letters from important looking companies asking you to pay for your required posters, right? Don’t fall for it any longer! They are FREE and you can download them from the Department of Labor website. To help save you time, we’ve created a FREE online store where you can add all the Federal posters you need to your cart and checkout for FREE!

What about State Posters?

Check with your State Labor or Wage & Hour Department to see if they have any state posters that you are required to post. They may well have a State Minimum Wage Poster where the State minimum wage is different from the Federal Minimum Wage. The link for each State Labor or Wage & Hour Department can be found at the State Information Link.   These are FREE as well.

Don’t pay for these posters!

Don’t pay a company every month for posters that don’t change, may not be required, may not be appropriate for your business, and may not even include specialty posters that your business requires. Seldom do they change and in most cases have no penalty for not being posted.

All of the posters mentioned can be found by clicking on the poster links above. Just click, print, and post and maybe you’ll save yourself some money, possibly a headache—or at least have more art around the office.

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