Take the Stress & Guesswork Out of Payroll

The business side of beauty and any other industry can be challenging. Let us help take one challenge - running your payroll - and turn it into an opportunity.

Come see us on Saturday, June 24, 2017, 12-1:30 pm in room N231 for our class:

Take the Stress & Guesswork Out of Paying Your Team

Do you get stressed out when trying to pay your team and adhering to all federal and state regulations?

  • Who gets what deductions, what taxes, what earnings?

  • Who is a 1099er?

Charles Read, President & CEO of GetPayroll will answer these questions and more and give you usable ideas to make paying your team easier, resulting in more confidence.  He will also take participant questions to help solve your employee, payroll, and other business issues.


Class participants will be entered into a $100 iTunes gift card drawing!

If you are unable to come visit with us at the show, we will be posting show highlights once we get back!  

So stay tuned for some highlights from our time in Las Vegas!



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