10 Strategies For Improving Client Retention

In today's competitive business environment, we have learned that it is highly important to focus on building stronger relationships with existing clients.  And to help you achieve this, we have compiled 10 tips that could easily turn your clients into proactive advocates for your business.

10 Strategies For Improving Client Retention

1.  Spend 10-20 munites every day speaking with two existing clients - even though email has become the communication method of choice for most business, we highly recommend picking up the phone and calling our clients.  

2.  Ask a select group of clients to serve on your board - By assigning your top most creative clients to your board, you will have access to top-level thinking.

3.  Send your clients articles about their business and/or industry - Your clients like to know that you have their best interests in mind.  Make an effort to send relevant articles to them.  This small and simple gesture will help create a much more loyal customer base.

4.  Invite clients to test a new product of service before you offer it to everyone else - Exclusivity is an excellent way to get someone linked to your business.  Not only that, but it will also save you time by acting as a beta test program.

5.  Start an alliance with your clients via a seminar, marketing effort/workshop or special affair - The more opportunities you take to spend time with your clients, the more connected they will become to your business.  The more connected they feel, the stronger they are to advocate for your business or become a referral source. 

6. Give them added value - There is nothing wrong with giving your clients something special such as 2-for-1 deals, buy 1 get x free, dollar or percentage discounts, and free or discounted services.

7.  Connect clients who share similar interests or ideas - If you have a client who needs help in a particular area in which you know that another client is proficient, get the two clients together.  You will look like a hero for finding someone who could solve their problem and, in the process, foster a sense of friendship and trust. 

8.  Know your competition - In today's market, you need to know how your competition is doing.  Google your competition, visit their websites and contact them as if you were a prospective client.  What you find will amaze you, not to mention provide you with valuable information that will help your business. 

9.  Shop your own company - Hire a third party and have them call your company posing as a prospective buyer.  Afterwards, ask them about their experience.  The detail they can provide will help you develop a better understanding of how you should be handling new clients. 

10.  Your customers are always right - For many, practicing this philosophy can be tough, especially when you know a customer is wrong.  No matter what, work on making a client happy.


Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful advertising there is for any business, but it is only attained by having clients who already trust and believe in you.  If your clients hold you in high esteem, they will not only tell people about you but also buy from you repeatedly.
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