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We, at GetPayroll, believe so much that once you try our payroll services, you'll be a customer for life. 

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Descriptions of 12-Day Giveaways

5 Free Payroll Runs

Our twelfth and final day of #GetPayrollGiving is a great one! We are giving you five payroll processes free! Depending on your payroll cycle, this could go on for quite some time!

A $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Our eleventh day of #GetPayrollGiving for the person who works all the time. You know that’s you, right?! Take this $100 Amazon Gift Card and spend it on something for you. You deserve it.

A Complete Year-End Checklist WhitePaper So You Don’t Miss A Thing

Our tenth day of #GetPayrollGiving is to help you with year-end planning. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Year end tax planning is tough, so we will help you start the new year off right by gifting you our Year End Tax Checklist.

Making small business tax planning easier is one piece of our business, and we hope it helps you start your new year off on the best foot yet.

FREE PAYROLL - Two Months Free To Be Exact!

Our ninth day of #GetPayrollGiving is free payroll services for two full months! Do you run payroll once a month, twice a month, or weekly? Any and all of the payrolls you run in these two months are free.

A 30-Minute Business Management Call with President/CEO Charles Read

Our eighth day of #GetPayrollGiving is a free 30-minute business management call with our President, and CEO Charles Read.

Any small business management or payroll questions or situations you can think of, Charles will have the answer. He has over 50-years of financial leadership, and 26-years as a successful business owner. Don’t miss this $150 valued giveaway!

A $50 Donation in Your Name to the Charity of Your Choice!

Our seventh day of #GetPayrollGiving, we thought it would be nice to help you give to others by donating $50 in your name to the charity of your choice!

12-month Everything Payroll and Tax Print-Ready Calendar

Our sixth day of #GetPayrollGiving is our 12-month complete payroll, payroll taxes, quarterly reports, and other payroll to-do calendar.

We’ve done all the holiday heavy lifting here by putting together an easy-to-print 12-month calendar reference so you’ll never miss anything payroll. Plus, we’ve included some extra tips like payroll dates that will change for payroll submission and pay dates for holidays and closing. We’ve thought of it so you don’t have to.

1-Month of Free Powerful Payroll Services

Our fifth day of #GetPayrollGiving takes off with one month of free payroll processing services. Do you run payroll once a month, twice a month, or weekly? Any and all of the payrolls you run in a month are free!

Good Gravy! Three Free Payroll Runs!

Our fourth day of #GetPayrollGiving is a gift that keeps on giving, with free payroll services all the way through your third payroll of 2018. Save, save, save in January and February, literally!

15-Minutes of Free Expert Payroll Advice from Chris Boyce, Payroll Operations Manager of GetPayroll

Our third day of #GetPayrollGiving is 15-minutes of free expert payroll advice with our Payroll Operations Manager, Chris Boyce. Any payroll questions or situation you can think of, Chris will have the answer. He has over 15-years of payroll experience and can help you answer any of your payroll questions. Don’t miss this $50 valued giveaway!

Free Federal AND State DOL posters

Our second day of #GetPayrollGiving is to help you save money by bundling your DOL posters for Federal and States so you don’t have to spend the time searching and printing.

If you’d like this gift, we’ll send you a file with all the Federal, State and Local (if applicable) posters you need for your business.

One Month of Free Payroll Service

We are kicking off our first day of #GetPayrollGiving by giving away 1-month of payroll services. Do you run payroll once a month, twice a month, or weekly? Any and all of the payrolls you run in a month are free.

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