We switched from [a well known software based service] when we hired our third employee. I wish we’d have switched when we’d hired our first. Five stars, and three thumbs if I had an extra.
— Jason M.
Didn’t think it could be this easy. I literally used to Google ‘what to do when...’ questions all the time. Never again will I make a mistake trying to be payroll tax pro when I’m busy trying to be a coffee shop pro. Thanks, GetPayroll.
— Shannon O.
I switched in the middle of the year. No hassle. Picked it up like it was nothing— thanks to the support team. Great service. I do recommend.
— Nick V.
Payroll has never been so easy. My wife sends her thanks. (Therefore, I send my thanks...)
— Paul S.
Best service ever! Still can’t get over the difference. I’ve used quite a few different payroll services over the years but it looks like I’ve finally settled down.
— Jeremy B.
Use GetPayroll. Save yourself a future headache (or hundred). I’m pretty sure I spend like ten minutes a month now, and never a problem. No brainer!
— Caramie L.


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