Topics We'll Cover in Payroll Academy

Each month we'll highlight different payroll topics. Here's a preview of topics we'll cover, but we reserve the right to add additional information we think will help you. (cue smile)

  • January: Employment Taxes and Rates

  • February: Payments, Payment, Payments

  • March and April: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes both Business and Personal 

  • May: The Labor Department and Details You Should Know

  • June: Compliance, Tax and Other

  • July: Independent Contractors and Employees. What's the difference? And Workers Compensation Review

  • August: IRS Practices, Tips and Budget 

  • September: Benefits Selections and Payments

  • October: PEOs and Other Related Topics

  • November: Changing Payroll Systems, The Ins and Outs

  • December: Year End Checklist, To-Do's and More

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