GetPayroll Pricing 

All business levels will receive all the benefits described at a convenient, affordable flat rate. Contact us at 800-444-0672 if you have any questions or Enroll Now to get started. We are here to help make payroll fast, easy, and dare we say "fun" again!

All prices are blanket prices, meaning that's the only fee you will see from GetPayroll. One rate, all-inclusive, everything!

We will never add any other fees for doing your payroll...ever. The more employees you have, the price stays the same for each category until you hire enough to move you into the next category. That's a pretty great problem to have. Isn't that great?!

Enterprise Payroll Services

Enterprise Payroll is for businesses with 50 or more employees. We offer an awesome starting price of only $150 per payroll. Call us at 800-444-0672 to learn about pricing tailored to your business!

*Enterprise Customers: W2's  and 1099s are extra. Contact us for details at 800-444-0672.


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