Top Questions Asked Us About Simon at SXSW

We heard you! 

We left SXSW with some amazing new relationships and also lots of questions about Simon. 

Here are the top questions asked us about
Simon 3-Click Paperless Payroll App.

Can I pay contractors?

Yes, we will automatically create and file with the IRS your 1099s and 1096 forms at the end of the year. Contractors can download their copies from the employee lifetime self-service portal. All of this at no charge.

What if we go over 10 employees?

Congratulations! We will automatically move you from Simon to our full-service online payroll at GetPayroll. You can still do your payroll anywhere, anytime, from any device. We will move all your data automatically at no additional fee. The interface will change, and you will get more services and personalized attention. It’s still free until you use it too! Learn more about GetPayroll at

Is this strictly a mobile app?

It is designed as a mobile app, however, there is an integrated mobile dashboard that may be used on any internet connected computer. Not all employees will have a smartphone so we’ve covered all the bases for you!

On any smartphone?

We are launching with the iPhone and will follow up shortly with an Android version.

What have you taken out for small businesses to make it easier?

We have streamlined Simon by taking out all the things you don’t need and won’t use as a small business that includes:

  • No EEOC reporting
  • No multi-State reporting
  • No complex 401Ks but you can do simple IRA and retirement plans (and benefits too!) - see next question.
  • No ACA reporting or tracking
  • No OSHA reporting
  • No ACA compliance
  • Exempt from Equal Opportunity Requirements
  • Exempt from age Discrimination reporting and tracking
  • No COBRA requirement
  • Exempt from Veterans Affirmative Action Requirements and tracking
  • Exempt from Prevailing wage requirements
  • Exempt from many local, city, district and State requirements
  • No complex intercompany security for different job functions
  • No paper checks

Can I integrate benefits with Simon?

Absolutely! Simon will handle insurance and simple benefit and retirement programs.

Does it integrate with QuickBooks?

It sure does. Isn’t that great!

Does anybody else do this?

No! We are the very first payroll company to offer totally a Green, 100% paperless payroll app available on a smartphone. We are also the first to design a 3-Click payroll system so you can pay your staff in as little as 30-seconds. We are also the first to offer payroll services free until you run payroll - no monthly fees. Whew. That’s a lot of firsts!

It this available for the international payroll?

No. Currently, Simon handles U.S. payrolls in the 50 states and D.C.

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