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Simon Payroll Highlights


Designed exclusively for micro-businesses with up to 10 employees.

The first true GREEN payroll, 100% paperless. 100% online.

100% available on your smartphone and every other e-device.

SmartPay technology. Run payroll in 3-clicks.

It's all LITERALLY at your fingertips.

Exceeds the needs of 74.76% of all businesses in the United States.
(3,838,000 out of 5,134,000).

Affordable and all inclusive pricing starting at only $20 per payroll.

No fees unless you run a payroll! No monthly fees. No hidden fees.

Simon Features

  • Employer self registration in minutes.
  • 100% employee self onboard including W-4 and I-9. Employer receives alert when employee completes onboarding.
  • Dashboard home screen with all key features needed to manage payroll.
  • Live countdown ticker with automated text message alerts 48 hours, 24 hours, 8 hours, 4 hours, and 30 minutes before payroll is due to help keep payroll on time. Ticker changes color from green to orange to red as you get closer to your due date/time.
  • Ticker countdown auto resets for next payroll.
  • Run SmartPay in 3-clicks for repeat payrolls.
  • Edit last payroll to run a new payroll in under 10-clicks.
  • Easy fingerprint confirmation for added security and ease.
  • Siri voice activated payroll.
  • Get alerts with payroll to-do's.
  • Pay payroll taxes, and federal, state, unemployment taxes automatically.
  • Pay through direct deposit or debit card.
  • Next payroll automatically set up to run.
  • Link payroll runs to auto send report to accountant.
  • Lifetime employee portal to view forms and check stubs.
  • Manage all employee data. Customize each employees payroll earnings and deductions codes.
  • View payroll history and run custom reports. Email or download into iBooks.
  • Update and edit company information.
  • Calculate and record manual checks.
  • FAQ section with video tutorials.
  • Refer a friend and earn free payrolls.
  • Free Download from App Stores.

Simon is out to revolutionize the payroll industry.

With our exclusively designed SmartPay system micro businesses up to 10 employees can do their payroll in 3 simple clicks to their smartphone. Starting at only $20 per payroll, all-inclusive, there are no additional fees of any kind. The only truly paperless payroll, SIMON is free to download from the app store.

The Problem We Are Solving With SIMON 

Micro-businesses up to 10 employees are overcharged and under served by payroll providers. 3,838,000 micro-businesses out of 5,134,000 (in 2016) typically got ignored and were charged payroll fees that they simply could not afford, leaving them to figure it out on their own resulting in payroll errors and costly IRS penalties.

Our Solution

We set out with a single focus: to provide a service that micro-business owners can do that is so easy there’s no worry about doing payroll wrong and getting fined by the IRS. With the convenience of a smartphone app and thumbprint confirmation, payroll is literally at-your-fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

What is innovative about SIMON

  1. There is no other payroll app available on the market today.
  2. There is no other 100% Green paperless payroll service on the market today.
  3. There is no payroll company on the market today that focuses solely on the micro business with up to 10 employees that needs streamlined services and very affordable pricing to run their payroll.

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