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One Flat Rate Per Payroll, All-Inclusive.

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No Contract with SIMON

No Contracts

We don't need to ask you to sign a contract. Why? Once you run payroll with us, you'll want to stay. Our clients love SIMON! Download the free app today.

No Set Up Fees with SIMON

No General Set Up Fees

If we charged you a general set up fee you probably wouldn't like we won't! Garnishments and Child Support has a one time set up fee per employee for only $10 - that's it. We want your business and we will do everything we can to eliminate any barriers to entry to win your trust. Download the free app today.

No Hidden Fees with SIMON

No Hidden Fees

You pay your payroll fee and that's it. The only time it goes up is when you hire so many employees that you enter into the next category, and that's a great problem to have! We won't even charge you stop check fees, direct deposit reversals, or other fees that you may get surprised by other companies. Download the free app today.

Access Your Payroll Anywhere. Anytime. With SIMON

Run Payroll Online From Anywhere. Anytime!

100% online paperless payroll. With SIMON, you can run your payroll from anywhere you choose, whenever you choose. How's that for flexibility?! Download the free app today.

Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing with SIMON

Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing

We know that running a small business is just has stressful as it is rewarding. That's why we've made our payroll rates so affordable that you'll be laughing all the way to the bank! Download the free app today.


Employee Direct Deposits and Debit Cards

Direct Deposit are an industry standard now. It is way more secure than paper checks, saves trees, saves you money, and saves everybody some time. Don't make your employees wait in a bank line to cash their paycheck. This is the 21st century. Let it appear magically, consistently, and easily in their account. Download the free app today.


Payroll Tax Filing & Deposits

Don't worry about the tax man when it comes to your payroll services. We handle it for you-- not to mention-- unlike other providers, we have CPAs On Staff* ready to help. 

You'd truly be surprised how many times the IRS makes a mistake about "what you owe." Ask us about our IRS resolution stories. We've saved clients thousands and thousands of dollars.


Custom Reports

Sometimes you think, "Hey I need to look at something-- where is that payroll report?" That doesn't happen with us. Because you have access to everything in one place.



W-2s & 1099s

Quit paying extra for this stuff people. Seriously, it's ridiculous. I mean people are paying extra for a lot of things (all the way down to Required Signage in the work place-- they're free y'all...) We have got you taken care of, it's part of ALL-INCLUSIVE. We mean it.

Employee Self Onboard with SIMON

Employee Self Onboard

Enter employee basic information and auto send them a text message and email to complete their onboarding process, all online!

  • See all employee payroll information which includes  vacation and holiday pay, forms and more.
  • Employee self-on boarding with electronic signature (coming soon!).
  • Keep track of important employee changes, anniversaries and events, and set important reminders.
  • Secure online system to save all forms digitally. Free up space in your office! Keep it online.
Lifetime Employee Portal with SIMON

Lifetime Employee Portal

When you part ways with an employee, you want to make it as easy as possible for you both. With our Lifetime Employee Portal, past employees can still log in and access their information long after they're gone.

Free DOL Posters All In One Place at SIMON

FREE Department of Labor Posters

Quit paying for Department of Labor Posters. Don't fall for those mailers you get that say you need to update your DOL posters, and seriously don't fall for your payroll company trying to charge you for them. We would never do such a thing! We created an online "store" where everything is FREE. You can add whatever $0.00 posters you want to your cart and checkout for FREE. Did we say free? Because they are free. Free, I tell you! FREE! Go here to check out the posters and take what you need. Download the free app today.

We give credit where credit is due: We got our cool icons from The Noun Project and these fine artists: Manav Dhiman, Oksana Latysheva, Juraj Sedlák, Lastspark, Sunny Walker, Chiara Moshe, Travis Avery.Wilson Joseph, Gregor Črešnar, and Anatolii Babii.

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